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Ask Terese Anything


De Diablo Del Fora
Premium Member
When someone says, "I'm all thumbs today", are all their thumbs opposable to each other?

What do you like best about Sydney?


Be your own guru
Not so interested in me being star dust, or bits of other organisms, I was wondering if I'd been a human being before. I haven't, Terese has spoken! :D
Different people, different answers. No, never, and never so in future (I am bitten by the science bug). Terese will have a different answer. :)
When someone says, "I'm all thumbs today", are all their thumbs opposable to each other?
IMHO, doubly so.
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It Aint Necessarily So

Veteran Member
Premium Member
Well, because of this and a bit of that I suppose.


This thread reminds me of a feature in the National Lampoon in the early seventies called Ask Debbie, a mock advice column:

Dear Debbie

Here's my dilemma. I am a closeted gay man whose boss keeps fixing him up with women to date. These dates cost me money to have an awkward time doing something that I don't want to be doing. My boss and I have an excellent working relationship characterized by mutual respect, but I'm afraid that if I confide in him, that might change.

What shall I do? Thank you in advance.

Name withheld upon request.

Dear Name

Debbie does not withhold names upon request. Your name is Brian Rogers of Silver Gulch, OK.

Regarding your question, I would keep that little tidbit under my hat if I were you.​


New Member
Why mods delete threads? Threads should be locked, not destroyed! Yesterday/today at least two popular and interesting threads were deleted, so this site obviously is a joke. No, they were not mine and I cannot remember whose, but the other one was titled Does God Exist and the other one was a discussion about the angry God.

This forum is a joke! Bye for good :thumbsdown: