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Asatruarfelagid getting hate mail


Amateur Rambler / Proud Ergi
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I'm not exactly sure, but this site seems to get referred to often. She seems to have a pretty good handle on the Viking Age...

Viking Answer Lady Webpage - Daily Life In Viking Age Scandinavia Page
Viking Answer Lady Webpage - Homosexuality in Viking Scandinavia

Well, if it does, there's a part that I'd bet the people promoting the idea that Vikings were against homosexuality may have missed:

It must be remembered, however, that the laws and sagas reflect the Christian consciousness of the Icelander or Norwegian of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, well after the pagan period.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there were once more stories and remembered accounts of same-sex activity among Gods and people, that got systematically erased during Christianization. Personally, I have every intention of telling stories of the Gods, particularly Frey and Freya, getting involved in same-sex relationships and activities.
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