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Any good texts on angelology/demonology?


Valentinus Optionem Terzo
I don't know how you got here but my path reads Angelology DIR on a forum website that advertises "Discuss, Compare, and Debate Religions."


Pronounced Shee-ra-noo-ee
Premium Member
I suppose this is more of a mod's job to tell you this, but no debates are allowed in the DIR's. The Angelology DIR is a subset of the Christian Theology DIR, and is thus contained within the auspices of the Christianity DIR. Thus, Christian sources on Angelology are going to be very prominent, just due to the nature of this DIR's location. If you want to debate, there are debate forums set up elsewhere. :)
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Valentinus Optionem Terzo
I suppose this is more of a mod's job to tell you this,

That we can agree on.

Excuse me while I make this announcement," If anyone in here wants to join the forum watch committee please see Shiranui117. This thread needs more users to tell other users what is and what isn't Christianity and where to go if they don't believe what Shiranui117 believes to be true. If user don't follow Shiranui117's thought on the subject of Angelology, a topic that has eclectic religious views Shiranui117 will be glad to step in, moderate, tell you how you are not welcome, and where you should go. Shiranui117's the big fish that runs this pond. It's Shiranui117 way or the highway. Thank You. :sarcastic