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A Greek Entity a Day

Iereas tou Apollona

Ιερέας του Απόλλωνα Priest of Apollo
Every day I am going to post a bit on a Greek God, Ocean God, Titan, or Primordial Deity.

Οὐρανός (Uranus):


Parents: Γαῖα (Gaia) and Αἰθήρ (Aether).
Wife: Γαῖα (Gaia)
Consorts: Γαῖα (Gaia) and (Ἡμέρα) Hemera.

Species: Primordial Deity
Domain: Sky

Children: Κοῖος (Coeus), Κρεῖος (Crius), Κρόνος (Cronus), Ὠκεανός (Oceanus) ,Yπερίων (Hyperion), Ἰαπετός (Iapetus), Μνημοσύνη (Mnemosyne), Φοίβη (Phoebe), Ῥέα (Rhea), Τηθύς (Tethys), Θεία (Theia), and Θέμις (Themis) and The Cyclopes.
Creations: Meliae, The Furies, The Gigantes, and Hecatonchires

Νύξ, (Nyx), the primordial deity of night, gave a prophecy that one of Οὐρανός’s (Uranus’s) Titan children would depose him. In fear Οὐρανός (Uranus) imprisoned his Titan children within Τάρταρος (Tartarus), deity of (and literally) the underworld, through the mountain deities Oὔρεα (Ourea) which was created through the union of Γαῖα (Gaia) and Τάρταρος (Tartarus). This process caused a great amount of pain to both Γαῖα (Gaia) and Τάρταρος (Tartarus).

Together both Γαῖα (Gaia) and Τάρταρος (Tartarus) formed a sickle which could castrate Οὐρανός (Uranus) (robbing him of his divine right to rule) and asked for one of the Titans to wield it. Only Κρόνος (Cronus), the youngest of the titans and deity of harvest, was willing and he ambushed his father and castrated him. From the blood that spilled from Οὐρανός (Uranus) onto the Earth came forth the Giants, the Erinyes, the Meliae, and the Telchines.
After Οὐρανός (Uranus) was deposed, Κρόνος (Cronus) re-imprisoned the Hekatonkheires and Cyclopes in Tartarus. (Νύξ,) Nyx then prophesied that Κρόνος (Cronus) in turn was to be overthrown by his own child.
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Might this not be better placed in the Greek Mythology DIR? I mean what are you comparing or discussing here? Looks like you're churning out facts rather than discussing.

Iereas tou Apollona

Ιερέας του Απόλλωνα Priest of Apollo
Νύξ (Nyx):


Parent: χάος (Chaos)
Husband: Eρεβος (Erebus)
Consorts: Eρεβος (Erebus) and Ζεύς (Zeus)

Species: Original Primordial Deity
Domain: Night

Children: Yπνος (Hypnos), Θάνατος (Thanatos), Μόρος (Moros), Απατη (Apate), Δολος (Dolos), Νέμεσις (Nemesis), Ὀϊζύς (Oizys), Μῶμος (Momus), Γῆρας (Geras), Φιλότης (Philotes), Eρις (Eres), Χάρων (Charon), The Oneiroi, The Keres, The Fates, and The Hesperides.

Νύξ, (Nyx), is the primordial deity of night and she has the gift of prophecy. She foretold Οὐρανός (Uranus) and Κρόνος (Cronus) being overthrown by their children. And foretold that if Ζεύς (Zeus) and Μῆτις (Metis) bore a son that he would overthrow Ζεύς (Zeus). She was feared as one of the few beings more powerful than Ζεύς (Zeus) himself.

Iereas tou Apollona

Ιερέας του Απόλλωνα Priest of Apollo
Πάν (Pan):


Parents: Ἑρμῆς (Hermes) and Ἀφροδίτη (Aphrodite)
Consorts: Σύριγξ (Syrinx), Πίτυς (Pitys), Ἠχώ (Echo), and Σελήνη (Selene)

Species: God (Deceased)
Domain: Mountain Wilds

Children: Ἰάμβη (Iambe) and ίυγξ (Inyx)

One day Πάν (Pan) feel in love with the sight of a water nymph names Σύριγξ (Syrinx). To escape Πάν's (Pan's) pursuit of her Σύριγξ (Syrinx) had her father turn her into a reed at the bottom of a creek. Πάν (Pan) was infuriated and then took all seven reeds in the creek and created an instrument he named Σύριγξ (Syrinx).

Another time Πάν (Pan) pursued a nymph named Πίτυς (Pitys) who was turned into an oak tree to escape him.

Πάν (Pan) seduced Ἠχώ (Echo) multiple times and she bore him two children, Ἰάμβη (Iambe) and ίυγξ (Inyx).

Πάν (Pan) also tricked Σελήνη (Selene) into laying with him by covering himself in sheepskin to hide his bestial nature.

Πάν (Pan) had challenged Ἀπόλλων (Apollo) to a contest to see whose's music was greater. Τμῶλος (Tmules), the mountain deity was called to moderate and immediately declared Ἀπόλλων (Apollo) to be the winner. Πάν's (Pan's) devoted follower Midas berated and disrespected the judgment and as such Ἀπόλλων (Apollo) turned his ears into that of a donkey's.

Eventually Πάν (Pan) was killed by Νύξ (Nyx) while trying to protect a group of water nymphs from her.

Πάν (Pan) was also credited with teaching humanity masturbation.