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  1. DharmaCatLamp

    I don't think Reincarnation Makes Much Sense

    Most of my religious beliefs come from experiences and personal evidence. The sort of thing where you have an experience and then extrapolate from that to get to something else. I started worshiping Kali cause I had a pretty profound experience. I had some faith in certain practices or the idea...
  2. The Crimson Universe

    Unabridged Upanishads in simple English

    Few years back when i asked for unabridged editions of the major upanishads with an explanation or commentary in simple English, one of the members of HDF (Mr.Yajvan) recommended me Muni Narayana Prasad's translation. I went to the library and found only the Chandogya upanishad which is a fat...
  3. atanu

    Neodämmerung from Matrix Revolutions

    Neodämmerung composed by Don Davis is the soundtrack used during the epic Neo versus Agent Smith battle scene from The Matrix Revolutions, featuring a choir singing of loosely translated Sanskrit shloka-s from the Upanishads. The shloka-s are the famous Sanskrit chant “asato mA sat gamaya”...