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  1. ronki23

    Why don't Jews and Muslims eat pork ?

    If Zoonotic diseases come from being in close proximity to animals and not being evolved enough to eat them then did pigs cause disease in the Middle East thousands of years ago ? Is that the reason Jews and Muslims don't eat pork ? If that's the case then we've evolved enough to eat pork for at...
  2. W

    Christians who are confused about meat

    Majority of Christians eat pork, though it's prohibited by the bible, yet there's a pro-vegetarian trend going on, even one called Christian vegetarianism. But eating meat is not prohibited in the bible. Why are they concerned by what God has not commanded and unconcerned by what He has...
  3. danieldemol

    Muslims are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol as punishment in China

    Muslims are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol as punishment in China's Islamic 're-education' camps, former inmates reveal Chinese officials have detained around one million Muslims in internment camps Prisoners are forced to quash religious beliefs as China fights Islamic extremism Such...