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  1. ronki23

    Bhai Prithi Chand and Manohar Das

    The son of the 4th Guru Ram Das was Guru Arjun Dev, the 5th Guru. The son of Guru Ram Das and brother of Guru Arjun Dev was Prithi Chand. When Guru Arjun Dev went away on some business, he wrote letters to Guru Ram Das; Prithi Chand hid 3 of the letters from Guru Ram Das and regularly stole...
  2. ronki23

    I don't understand the Bhagavad Geeta

    @Aupmanyav @sayak83 @Jainarayan The Gita is Krishna telling Arjun that it is OK for him to kill his brother Karna and his Kaurava cousins. The reason is because only the body dies and not the soul. Why did the other Pandavas want Hastinapur so much after their exile was over ? Was Indrapastha...
  3. ronki23

    Saudi Arabian schools set to teach Mahabharat and Ramayan

    sorry for the late post
  4. ronki23

    Saudi Arabian schools to teach Ramayan and Mahabharat

    I don't know how true this is but as far as I know you're not even allowed to wear a crucifix or Star of David pendant. What is life like in Iran where there are minorities ? Maybe that can show us how it may turn out in KSA
  5. ronki23

    Questions on Mahabharat and Geeta

    Firstly, if this is in the wrong forum please move it to an appropriate one. I have been reading Amar Chitra Katha's Mahabharat and Geeta. I have some questions: Mahabharat 1) Why did Kunti not accept Karna as her son ? 2) Why did Karna choose the Kauravs? 3) Why did Vichitraveerya die of...