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  1. Truthseeker

    The value of eudaimonic happiness as well as hedonic happiness

    KEY TAKEAWAYS There are two types of happiness, hedonic and eudaimonic. While both support life satisfaction, research shows they serve unique purposes and are expressed in different brain regions. Eudaimonic happiness also appears to be more sustainable and seems to cultivate certain health...
  2. JDMS

    Money and Happiness

    A lot of things have got me thinking about money, happiness, and the connection between them. I am poor, as many college students often are. I do my best to save money and support myself. I take the maximum possible credits at the local community college in association with my university, I...
  3. ppp

    Greater purposes

    Is there a greater purpose than personal happiness? What is that purpose? And how is it greater? This is happiness in the sense of contentedness, or fulfillment. "Are you happy in life?" is not asking if you are always merry. It is asking if your life is, on balance, a fulfilling one.
  4. Sheng

    A Bouquet of Dirt: New Insight on Karma and How to Bear Adversity

    Introductory Note: Hi all, the article below is the fruit of many months of thinking and has really helped me see things clearly and let go of a lot of past unhappiness. I hope others will find my insight equally useful. In this world, we all aspire for applause and abhor rebuke ; seek success...
  5. bubbleguppy

    A Hard Look at Happiness

    Do you believe that it's truly a healthy mindset to strive to be happy all the time? I don't believe this to be true. I believe there is an evolutionary necessity for all emotions we have. On top of that, sadness is actually a vastly superior state to be in in order to demonstrate considerable...
  6. A

    Discover Happiness Within

    Most of us in the world are trying to search for happiness. There are so many books that talk about the pursuit of happiness and how to be happy or that list out the different methods to be happy, wherein in reality, happiness is within us. We don’t have to go looking for happiness. We have to...