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  1. The Crimson Universe


    I hope i posted this in the right forum. I'm planning to read the Quran soon. I already have the Tarif Khalidi's English translation. Not sure if its the best. And another English Quran (by Muhammad Muhsin Khan) is also in my wishlist. If you have a better recommendation then do let me know...
  2. danieldemol

    Do ahadith contain possible historical faithful snippets of Quran interpretation?

    As a non-Muslim, I think even though hadith can't be traced with certainty back to Muhammad, they are still worthy of exploration. Reason being is because in my opinion they demonstrate ways in which faithful Muslims interpreted certain verses of the Quran at the point in history at which they...
  3. EyE_OpEnEr_22

    Quran Yes. Hadith No.

    According to Surat Ali-Imran and Surat An'Nisa, and basically the WHOLE Quran make the existence of the Hadith HARAM. Why? Simply because they added new sins. That is creating a lie or falsehood against Allah. Ask yourself, what's more important, the word of GOD or the jumbled up inaccuracies...
  4. W

    Do you consider all hadiths in Bukhari to be true?

    Do you consider all hadiths in the Sahih Bukhari to be true? If not, is there some specific hadith(s) that you are uncertain about?
  5. W

    Muslimah in a taxi?

    With the hadith about a man and a woman being alone together, what should be made out of situations like taking a taxi?
  6. W

    Hadith says yawning is from Shaitan

    What could be the reason for this? Could there be a scientific explanation? Is there a specific scientific reason found for yawning? "The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Yawning is from Satan and if anyone of you yawns, he should check his yawning as much as possible, for if anyone of you (during the...