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greek mythology

  1. O

    Evidence That Jesus Was Plagiarized From Earlier Gods

    Jesus Christ Byzantine Portrait c. 7th-11th A.D Jesus is a mythological character derived from many different gods way before he came to be. let's take a look at a couple of deities that look very similar to him and have done miracles very similar to his as well. Yes, there are many more...
  2. ronki23

    Rama and Hercules

    I dreamt about this but isn't the Ramayan the Indian version of Hercules? Like Hades, Ravana kidnaps Rama's/Hercules' wife. In the ensuing battle, Hercules/Rama cuts off the head of the Hydra but more regrow in its place- just like how Ravana's heads grew back when they were cut off. Rama...
  3. Doums

    The end of the world in Greek mythology

    There is an end of the world in Greek mythology like ragnarok in Norse mythology?
  4. Magus

    Bible is Greek Mythology

    There is a River in the Levant named Abraham and every February due to the volume of Soil washed off the mountains due to heavy rain , the water turns Red , making it appear that the river is filled with Blood. Paus. 4.35 Red water, in color like blood, is found in the land of the Hebrews near...