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  1. nPeace

    Demons - Is There Evidence They Exist?

    People ask for evidence of demons. Is there any evidence? Yes, there is. First, we must understand what a demon is. What are demons? In the Bible, a demon is defined as an angel of God, that is debased. That is, a rebel angel. An angel, is a higher form of life - a spirit being. Thus, an...
  2. questfortruth

    Deep state is not so deep anymore!

    There was Paradise with Theocracy. And the degradation started with the Original Sin: the system became a monarchy, then democracy, then demonocracy (the rulership of not humans, but of the deep state, which consists of satan and his demons). Russia has problems with democracy because there is...
  3. questfortruth

    How fast is angel of death?

    INTRODUCTION to the luminal speed realm: MY CONTRIBUTION: The saints are not going to hell. And it is always not good to murder a saint. Thus, the doctors must not murder their own patients, even if they suffer very much. Dear brother in arms, Death is the name of satan (because the evil...
  4. Georgia Kosta

    Who is Repentant?

    Who is Reptepent?
  5. juiwei2000

    Christians can you be certain your bible is trust worthy?

    Christianity derive from Judaism. Islam derive from Christianity and Judaism. These 3 religion got the same god and is the only 3 religion that believe there is only one god. The 3 religions believe its god is one and only true god and believe their god is always right and all other gods are...
  6. Serpent Child

    Demon Portraits

    The purpose of this thread is for all Satanists to come together and share any portraits of Satan and Demons! We often see religious artwork and portrayals of religious figures in major religions but I haven't seen much of this in Satanism. I do NOT mean the Demon portraits from the Ars Goetia...