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  1. Exaltist Ethan

    The Pendulum

    As someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I know all too well the pendulum between depression and mania, and all the emotions that are between those two extremes. But this pendulum isn't about bipolar. I would like to discuss the risk vs reward pendulum that many of us face in our lives. When...
  2. nPeace

    What Do You Expect...?

    What do you expect in the coming years - for attitudes and conditions to get better, or worst? I used to live in a fairly clean district, but now, it's unsightly, since the neighborhood changed. In fact, the country I live in, has become unsightly, in many many areas... one could say, 'all over...
  3. nPeace

    What has been your experience?

    Share your experience. What has been your experience with the Bible? Has the Bible helped people, or hindered them - changed people for the better, or for the worst? My experience with the Bible, is that it has helped people in a major amount of ways, and changed people's lives for the better...
  4. Idont Reallywolf

    Heaven & Hell - Good & bad

    When you ask religious people "what is heaven or hell?", usually they give responses such as: "If you do good in your life, you would go to heaven. If you do bad, you go would to hell.". But never do they mention what is good or what is bad, how they are defined or how they are differentiated...