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  • Thanx for the non-existent evidence for a non-existent god furball.
    And for phloorbing Trump's culpability for the riots.
    And for furbling my new hot bulb engine purchase & plan.
    And for the US government tolerance of Israel's wrongs.
    Thanks for the frube on On-duty cop ‘caught on camera shooting dead a black man he kidnapped and forced into his squad car’
    Thanx for fourlbing making China pay for the wall.
    And for the Facebook break-up phrube.
    And for the Biden admission of voter fraud froob.
    And for furballing the affliction of faith in politics.
    And for the Jill Hoohahgal phlurble.
    And for the proper preparation for Jan 20 froobie.
    Thanx for flurballing Democrats' creeping authoritarianism.
    And for the certified atheist froobist.
    And for foolbring the better than thou phase.
    And for the atheistic calculation frubation.
    And for the Boeing war chant flurble.
    Thanx for the AOC end-of-the-world countdown clock frubal.
    And for fruballing how to evaluate Presidents.
    And for the new & improved Jackson statue frubue.
    And for flurbing babies & BBQ sauce.
    And for the avoiding taking notes in class furball.
    And for foorballing mild dismay at the 2020 election.
    Thanx for froobling those on the other side listening....if one is civil.
    And for the peaceful Bernie Sanders foreign policy frubicy.
    And for furballing being safe.
    And for the cashless frubil.
    Thanks for the frube on Public Service Announcement: How to spot a socialist

    I just hope there are enough for everyone
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