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  • Thankyou Viker.
    You keep yourself well and strong.
    That's what your Mom needs to see.
    And may she recover as quickly as possible.
    I'm glad to hear that she has speech, etc. (One of my friends lost all speech and understanding of language. )
    Been there...done that...till can't talk really well, but I'm getting better.
    I can still type and get nasty though.
    Wishes to you and your Mom, rest and time, and good hope will see you through.
    Cool, thanks.

    I kinda distance myself from the Satanist label now because it has too much baggage. I view it as a bit restrictive and the people who tend to associate with it tend to be types I don't want to be associated with. There's a lot more arguing over dogma in Satanism, too. However, my beliefs do encompass Satanism. So I'm that, too, but there's much more to it than just Christian-based Satanic imagery.
    That would be great, thanks. I don't want to put you on a wild hunt for some papers, though. Lol.

    Do you still affiliate yourself with Satanism at all?
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