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  • Thanks for the like on whats your beef with brexit?

    And thanks muchly for the winner frube on How close are your
    Thanx for furballing all religions being loopy & unscientific.
    And for phloorbing Cuomo being a dirtbag all along.
    Thanx for the revoking Giuliani's law license first phroubil.
    And for flurbing stuff I learned on me own.
    And for the ultra-capacitor frubor.
    And for phoolbring making it illegal to insult cops.
    And for the number of USSC Justices furball.
    And for foolbring arguments in science.
    And for the governmental credibility question flurbe.
    Thanx for the mischievous inference of intent froobol.
    And for furballing agreeing to disagree.
    And for the 4 part plan for transition phurble.
    And for phlubring Trump as a security threat.
    And for the black supremacist reductio ad absurdum froobum.
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