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stacey bo bacey

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  • I am soooooo sorry. I normally log on and go straiaght to the blogs. I live here in good old Manassas. Check this out.....I'm not even 40 and recently became a grand pa....ouch...My niece called the other day, said she is 6 weeks and now I'm a great uncle.....I feel so old now.

    Enough of that. I want to pay my respects to you due to your recent loss. I was going to comment at the thread but didn't I too have lost a parent. My mom passed back in 04. Her life, her struggles, her caring and her lessons taught...will always be remembered and cherished. It has made me a better and stronger person.
    Did you notice the new emoticon: :danana: It's here because of me. :D I suggested that they make it an emoticon, and they did. :D Woooooot!! :danana:
    I watched Twilight. I always said I wouldn't because I didn't like how so many other people were obsessed with it, but I caved, and I watched it... and now I'm reading the books.

    I thought you would appreciate that bit of information.
    so you are 22 now :D i wish you better of everything and a long life with health and happiness.

    love :)
    I didn't even know all 4 discs were in there until I got home. I thought I just had disc one and three, but it turns out disc two is behind one, and four is behind three. I was quite excited when I figured that out. Watching through all of the episodes, I'm remembering I have already seen most of them. I'm mid-way through disc three now. I had seen all of the episodes but one I think... It's fun to re-watch them, however, because I don't always remember how they end. Do you have any sort of video rental store where you live? Surely some store around there would have it...
    Guess what. I went to Family Video and rented the entire first season of Psych. :D (and Drillbit Taylor too) and it was only $1.50, because I got one movie free, and 1/2 price rentals for two weeks, since I hadn't rented anything in a while. We are very sneeky. My mom, sister, and I each have an account, so we use just one of our accounts at a time, and then they notice one of us hasn't been in for a while, so they send us a thing in the mail saying they've missed us and we can get half price rentals for 2 weeks, so then we start using that account and let the other two lag so they'll give those accounts half price rentals. Boy, we are sneeky little *****es. Woot! Imma go watch Psych now.
    I got booted from Facebook for changing my name several times. At least I think that's why. :D I did swear on a friend's page but she had about 50 times the swear words so I'm not sure. I hope they let me back on. I'm such a trouble maker. :D
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