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  • Thanx for the diesel fitter froober.
    And for phurbilling Ruprecht The Monkey Boy.
    And for the Trump inauguration frubation.
    And for phurlballing the vaccine conspiracy problems.
    And for the thinking over things furball.
    And for foolbring my thinning heathen hair.
    And for the pope with thinning atheist looking hair frooble.
    Thanks for the funny frubes on Friendly React Orgy...

    Thanks for the pair of funny frubes on Atheism forever

    And thanks for the pair of likes on Friendly React Orgy

    Thanks for the funny frube on The Left now says there's no such thing as a "woman"
    Thanx for the plethora of the Friendly React Orgy frooblies.
    And for furlbing "trans" vs "not legitimate" woman.
    And for the brain enhancement fruubment.
    And for foolbrung the eye burning thumb up image for Sun Rise.
    And for the avoiding a 1/20 chance of Covid death furball.
    And for foubling that ubiquitous certain kind of irresponsible irrational human.
    Thanx for fruballing the high hate/frubal ratio
    And for foolbrung paying the monthly RF rent.
    And for the angry even keel fruubel.
    And for firbling small animals fleeing in fear.
    And for the inappropiate touching with incisors fruubor.
    And for flurbing aversion to human contact.
    And for the post hormonal frubonal.
    Thanks for liking tread carefully

    And thanks for the friendly heart frube on Friendly React Orgy

    And cheers for the winner on Friendly React Orgy

    And cheers for the friendlies and opti on Friendly React Orgy
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