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Nyingjé Tso
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  • Thanks for the frube on French President Emmanuel Macron sues billboard owner for depicting him as Adolf Hitler
    Thanx for the depending upon the person frubing.
    And for flurbing woman doctors being the problem.
    And for the chocolate birthday cake furball.
    And for foolbring bacon enjoyment in the staff cafeteria.
    And for the factious boneheads in government frubil.
    And for furlbing holding China accountable.
    And for the not always wisely used free speech froob.
    Thanks for the frube on "Man Unleashes Profanity-Filled Tirade Against Peaceful Satanists in MN Park"
    Thanks for the funny and the like on self-absorbed Socialist AOC can't be bothered to answer the phone .
    Thanx for froobling the entertainment value of strings & billiard balls.
    And for the 2 syllable Muslim name froobil.
    And for flurbing Christmas in Revoltistan.
    And for the evil frooolb.
    And for froulbing ordering at a Chinese restaurant.
    And for the only females are raped frooble.
    And for floorbling beating baby hearts for sale.
    And for the Qatar trap for gay & trans folk flurble.
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