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  • Zenzero, Project 2501is the codename for the Puppetmaster from the movie Ghost in the Shell. Project 2501 is a living, thinking, entity created in the sea of information in the vast and infinite net. That's one of his/her lines I quoted.
    Friend Kungfuzed,

    Your signature *All things change in a dynamic environment. Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you. ~ Project 2501* is true even without that *project 2501*
    Love & rgds
    I was just messaging you to see if you were interested in starting your own forum. If so you may be interested in starting your own forum for free at ForumSecure.com

    Your forum will get unlimited webspace and bandwidth (traffic). You will also have complete control over all aspects of your forum. No programming or web design knowledge is needed to start a forum here. It is all done for you.

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    Do you know you can actually steal someone's avatar just by right clicking on it and choose "save picture as"? Then you can upload it wherever you want and use it.
    I did alot of searching online. Then I copied it to my hard drive in case it got moved. I wish I knew how to make moving avatars.
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