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  • Where have you been? I just realized I hadn't seen you around for awhile and stopped in to check up on you. It appears you posted yesterday, so I'm relieved to hear you're okay. Don't go AWOL again, okay?
    Shame on you - you know they don't want to hear this!

    It wasn't I that started that topic.
    Hi Kathryn, thanks for the frubal. I hope my post didn't offend/victimize you in any way. I just get upset by things like that sometimes.
    That's awesome!
    I'm going to have to try one, if I can find one. Mind you, if I recall correctly, a lot of churches in the countryside and Wales and whatever in the UK are Methodist.

    I'm a big fan of liturgy, it's one of the reasons I have a soft spot for Catholicism, Orthodoxy, High Anglicanism, etc.

    Although, I'm a non-drinker and I don't care for the monarchy, so Methodism sounds pretty awesome. :cool:
    I saw you mentioned in a thread that Methodists have a similar liturgy and style to Anglicans, but without the queen, and without the alcohol? Have I read that right or am I going senile? :D
    Hey Kathryn, thanks for the frubal!

    I just realized the disaster that we're not on each other's friends list, and thought i do something about that. :D
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