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  • Thank you! That means a lot to me. I also find your posts to be very intelligent and meaningful.
    the following is the link to the new thread
    Which religion offers the right path to God?
    Dear eselam, Please start a new thread. Once a thread is sufficiently long, new participants would hardly read all the comments before commenting. Look forward to your new thread.
    hi K.Venugopal. i wanted to ask you whether it would be alright if we continued our discussion from the thread peace b upon u to your thread Is there a Creator or would you like me to open a different thread instead and continue there, it would be best if we didn't continue in the original thread since it has nothing to do with debating. let me know about it and i'll see you later. have a good day
    Hi! interesting question. :)
    Yes, please let me know the response you get, when you get one. I look forward to hearing from you again! Take care! :)
    hi there :) are you busy lately? i don't see you as often as before. i hope everything is fine.

    Happy new year, dear K.Venugopal :)
    Dear Gursikhji,

    I am happy to say that Mumbai is back to normal now. The week that went by shook all Mumbaikars as never before. I thank you for your concern. Let us hope that terrorism, in whatever form and wherever the origin, is put to an end before long. I am sure with the cooperation of all nations, this can be done.
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