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  • Well that was pretty grammatically correct. Sorry, some of your posts were quite a bit off grammatically so I was just wondering.
    For someone who lives in Oklahoma City, you sure have an interesting way of writing. Are you originally from another country or do you just like to write like that? (Please don't take this the wrong way I am genuinely interested.)
    I just read your posts before you edited it. Yes you must be initiated by a kriyaban. There is a church called Ananda or Self Realization Fellowship. Both churches are based on the teachings of my enlightened Guru Paramahansa Yogananda.
    That you tube video is NOT kriya yoga. That is a type of maha mudra to help with reawakening kundalini. I know you get bored of reading about Yoga or meditation. That's fine. The thread I gave you to read is the real essence of Kriya Yoga. You can control your spiritual evolution by enlivening your chakras and getting your body and subtle nervous system ready for spritual experiences. As you may know our body is composed o energy. With Kriya Yoga you can bring that energy and life force under your control and use it to internalize your consciousness in where God lies waiting to bless you with his presence within you. It is India's greatest meditation technique and is scientific to bring God realization. If you are serious in your search for God then you will look into it more. It is for the sincere devotee that really wants to know God. Where do you live for if you are serious there are places where you can learn more about these things and actually get initiated into Kriya Yoga.
    Kriya Yoga requires initiation and empowerment by a Master, I don't know what to look for.
    Is there a type of church or something?
    If so what is it called?
    It is Kriya Yoga. The highest most beneficial and scientific form of meditation and merging your consciousness with God's. It will create more bliss in your life and consciousness then you could ever comprehend. God's nature is bliss and through this technique of God realization it will uncover that bliss in your being. Here is a link that goes into detail about its history and science. Please give me feedback and let me know what you think. God Bless!

    Don't ever give up. Where you are at now is the best soil for growing a deep connection for God. God will be you guide. Ask him for guidance and he will show you a true path for you. My path is not very religious. It is devoted only to reconnecting with God and his spirit. If you want to know more about Kriya Yoga then I can help you. It is the truest and quickest way to uncovering God and becoming spiritual in the way you are looking for. God bless and remember you are never alone! I for one care and I know God cares.
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