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Epic Beard Man
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  • Thanks for the funny louboutins on Profiting off of Jesus: $1,425 'Jesus shoes' filled with Holy water sell out in 1 minute
    Thanks for the (i) on If the world was ending in your lifetime would it change your faith in your religious doctrine?
    i try to replay your topic of why Abraham

    this is my answer

    God's choice of good people who has determination
    Abraham was a fighter for justice
    Justice in choosing the right true God that who really worthy to get worship
    Justice in helping the poor and needy and equating them with the rich in rights and duties
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    Example for your choice:
    When you eat you will find that there is food that suits you more and attracts you
    Or when you buy a phone or a car you will choose the most suitable for you or clothes with the colors you love

    So God chose Abraham for wonderful qualities (healthy choice for humens)
    Abraham was gentle, kind, penitent.
    Abraham was an exemplary leader, devoted to God, a monotheist, and was not of the polytheists.
    Thankful for His blessings. He chose him, and guided him to a straight path.
    And We gave him goodness in this world, and in the Hereafter he will be among the righteous.
    Then We inspired you: “Follow the religion of Abraham, the Monotheist. He was not an idol-worshiper.
    Your tag "I have to admit and apologize for my attitude towards you. You are a very polite guy I have to say" reminds me of the song "Please excuse my attitude" hah.
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