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England my lionheart

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  • Friend,
    What a beautiful story. Most practical WAY/RELIGION.
    Yes that is what life is all about one is born empty handed and dies empty handed and those who can *live* empty handed are masters of their MIND. Personally am learning to share more and more of whatever little that is at my disposal without expectation.
    Love & rgds
    Hello there! I used to carry around a medicine bag myself that I wore around my neck. It contained things like small crystals (smokey quartz is an especially revered stone by shamans), also things that you would find naturally such as bits of animal hair or a feather. Things that would remind you of that connection with nature. Sometimes a shaman would go out into nature and sit with the "spirits". As an offering in thanks to the spirits they would leave a small thing from out of their medicine bag as a gift. Even a piece of your own hair could be considered a gift to the spirits. It is just a form of respect. In return, the spirits may also "give" you something, although you may not realize it at the time. I find that I don't carry a medicine bag around anymore. The "medicine" comes from within. It is a gift and a form of self-sacrifice to the spirit world. Basically instead of leaving gifts, you offer yourself as a gift to the spirits. They work through you. Thanks for the questions, I hope that helped you out. Let me know how things work out for you.
    Never realised that you could enjoy Indian food so much. Appears some past life connections with India.
    Normally tandoors in India is limited to people of Punjab and so every household in India do not have tandoors except the punjabis and who makes it themselves as you cannot buy a real tandoor as mud coatings are needed inside.
    Believe that most Bangladeshis restaurants call themselves Indian and no are not authentic besides Bengali food has no tandoori, though has its own distinct style. Yes, in India each state, district normally has its own style of cooking and types of food items it is si varied that one enjoys this unity in diversity.
    Love & rgds
    Friend lionheart,
    Glad that you have added me as a freind on your list.
    Am pleased to know that your son will be in India soon for a tiger safari.
    Yes myself am using a 54 and soon 55 year old body but permanently single.
    More as we go along.
    Love & rgds
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