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  • Thanks for the funny fat men on At Last, A Christian Comes Up With Some Good, Helpful Advice For Godly Women
    Thanks for the winner on MURDER, GENOCIDE, and ATHEISTS.

    Its interesting that of the list i provided the only complains are about a cherry picked 3 or 4 arguing they are not religious wars (or only semi religious). Oh yes and a misnamed one which i have corrected.
    Thanx for froobing posting another's response.
    And for the troublesome accent frubal.
    And for furballing the OJ Simpson misunderstanding.
    And for the scientific research into Cat Heaven & Hell froobell.
    And for frulbing my evil laugh.
    And for the bedroom eyes flurbit.
    And for flurbing Christians on the side of secularism.
    Ta for the frube on Why Are Genocides Associated with Evolutionists and Atheists? Coincidence?
    Thanx for froobing more effective posting style for our friend.
    And for the magnetoreluctance frubal.
    And for froulbing mirthful condemnation.
    And for the #8 frubul.
    And for froobing not even wrong.
    And for the lack of Bible learn'n frub'n.
    And for ffoulbing consenting adults being left alone.
    And for the Bob & Ray frooble.
    And for foobling Unwantedannoyingkibbitzer.
    Thanks for fruballing When the top 1% started owning more money than the rest of the world. It was the year 2015.
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