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  • The upside of cruising a religious forum: There's conservatives.
    The downside of cruising a religious forum: There's people who think elves will solve all their problems.
    (Purely facetious. Ish.)
    Lol, thanks! I've not been around at all in recent months, but I really need to find the time to start coming back again. I love these forums!
    Before I get yelled at on RF too, let me just say here that the icons I use are my own. And their subject is not meant to be mean, it is meant to be a sarcastic commentary on people that I have encountered. All of my icons can be found on this website www.revengedmadness.deviantart.com
    I gotta admit though ... that is a hilarious image. I don't know much more than the chorus either.
    Yes I do indeed love ya! LOL. Nah, it never annoys me. Unless you suddenly showed up and started dancing around my house at 4AM in the morning singing "It's Raining Men."
    Now that...that would annoy me.
    Mostly because you'd know all the lyrics and I only know the chorus. :p
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