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  • Thanx for flurbing fair game!
    And for the falling Americastanian status frubus!
    And for fruballing our incompetent justice system!
    And for the easily found injection site frooble!
    Ya just canna make this stuff up....thanx!
    Thanx for the anti-rhomboid fruboid!
    And for flurbing non-betrayal !
    And for the Wu Wei not saying "No" frubal !
    And for the pink tutu frubu!
    And for furballing rat masks on bears!
    And for the suspicious little rat flurlbet!
    Thanx for fruballing Prances With Poodles!
    And for the undamaged pinky toe furball !
    And for flourbing bacon toothpaste!
    And for furlbing Giant Pharmacy & Dick's Sporting Goods!
    Thanx for the not unconstitutional frubinal !
    And for froubling the proper handling of vegan bacon!
    And for the being awash in detente flurble!
    And for flurbing those harshly speaking atheists!
    And for the misread emoji frubi!
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