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  • Hey there girl! My new place is starting to shape up. It's waterside to this quaint little pond and has been affectionately named The Pondo by the coffee shop staff that I now work with...there totally hot! :drool:

    I hope all is well with you and look forward to spending more time at RF.
    Okie dokie. My computer is having problems too. It won't start sometimes. :( Sometimes I've got to turn it on 3-5 times before it will actually work...
    How have you been lately? I used to talk to you all the time. Either you vanished for a while, or I just missed all of your recent posts...
    Baggins is good. He's playing outside right now. I got him a new collar the day before yesterday. It's blue and has flowers on it. :D He doesn't mind that it's sort of girlie. He loves flowers. :flower: :flower2:
    Going around in circles. Sounds interesting, maybe a little frustrating. Would be good to see you around more often. Look forward to it.
    Hi there! Havent seen you around in eons it seems. You must be racing like crazy girl!
    Time to drag Heneni to the US to help her catch up on her drinking, partying, and practical virginity.
    Well, i dont have a boyfriend, im practically a virgin, and i have a lot of drinking and partying to catch up on. Other than that, i have finally resigned, WOO WOO and yeh...thats about it. My plans to go to england have not been working out well. If anything that is what i have been trying to do for the last three years, yet everytime i get close something happens. I dont know.. maybe god is trying to tell me something. To tell you the truth im too scared to ask him about it. I really have my hopes up to return to england, and if im honest im hoping he would not mind, but then he might have other plans for me, as im thinking he probably does. But whatever i need to do and whereever i need to be, thats fine, though i will probably be sulking for a while. I do know that my resignation was within his plan. Thats probably why i had felt the nudge to move. I feel at peace about it. Lets see where the wind blows me next? I hope its england. But maybe not.)(

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