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Jul 4, 2008
Mar 24, 2004
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Ohio, USA


Well-Known Member, from Ohio, USA

Ceridwen018 was last seen:
Jul 4, 2008
    1. Derrickcordle
      I have a specific Question for you. In a prior post you said that somewhere in the bible it says man and angel bred and that's what caused God to flood the earth, and I was curious as to where that is in the bible because I would like to look it up
    2. Damori
      Whoa, I feel like I'm looking through a lens at a past life and trying to figure it all out. It's confusing.

      How are you?
    3. RobGelber
      Hi there Ceridwen!

      I've been looking for sources relating to the goddess Ceridwen. From what I've found she's in the Mabinogi(on) and the Charge of the Goddess. As part of my quest, I've been dug through a couple of religiousforums searches, and, well, your name came up. Are there more good sources that I haven't found yet?



      You seem to be quite the religiousformumer.
    4. Scuba Pete
      Scuba Pete
      Hey Girlfriend! It's so GREAT to see you on RF again. I sure do miss your witty responses and insight! :D
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    Ohio, USA


    The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.