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Brent W
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  • Brent, curious why i am getting this "
    (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.) "
    even in the Judaism DIR ?????
    Brent W
    Brent W
    Hello, do you not have a notice that is at the top of the page letting you know you need to update your profile? It should be showing for you. If not, let me know.
    Eliab ben Benjamin
    Eliab ben Benjamin
    I have updated my profile, 2 days ago.
    Brent W
    Brent W
    You should have access now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Hi Brent,

    My email notifications have stopped. I would welcome any assistance or suggestions that may help restore them.

    Thank you in advance, you always produce.


    Ben D
    this rings true with Reply with quote, just the box where my logo is, and attempting to reply to your conversation post.
    thankfully it seems i can type here :)

    Peace .. Eliab
    Hi Brent, re your conversation post ...
    Can you tell me if you get an error or what happens when you try to reply?

    Ok so no error message, Just that the space where i would like to reply, top line is occupied by

    the blue boxes with "Post Reply Upload a file More Options "
    nowhere in the reply section will the cursor display, no letters can be typed....
    Hi Tech guy, sorry to say i have been unable to reply to Forum posts , no idea why...
    Perhaps the recent firefox upgrade, though other sites work fine ...

    Shalom (Peace)
    I presume that since you are back online today Brent, and I just received 53 RF email notifications, the problem has been fixed. I thank you for your help... Regards, Ben...
    Hi Brent W....I posted a thread on the Site Feedback forum indicating that my Email Notifications have stopped and was informed that you are the resident technical guy. Can you lease help me with this problem. Fwiw I've been a member here on RF for over 8 years and and this is not the first time it has happened. I can confirm at this stage that is not a junk mail problem. Thank you for your help...
    "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."pst change your avatar
    Thanx for the new triode & pentode frubie!
    Ben Dhyan
    Ben Dhyan
    Wow...are you my vintage... Everything was valves (tubes to you) when I started in radio in 1961, I made the big transition to transistors in 1967 and to ICs in 1969...
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