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  • Thank you for the win star rating to my post regarding Republicans blame Democrats for defund the police thread.
    Thanx for the too busy Jesse froobie.
    And for phroobling loving Biden.
    And for the compassionate Biden fruben.
    And for furlbing the wide range of police corruption.
    And for the why men only froobly.
    And for the kudos to Biden for getting out of Afghanistan froub.
    Thanx for the systemic problem of bad cops frubal.
    And for flurbing the rigged DNC primaries.
    And for the being female not a problem frubil.
    And for foobling more on that doll shoplifting case.
    And for the possible banning of rubber bullets froobil.
    And for furballing giving a pass on everything.
    And for the double edged sword of power froober.
    Thanx for fruballing policing the police!
    And for the frubyl about maturity & gun rights!
    And for the least worst frubal regardless of gender!
    And for furballing more dangerous professions.
    And for the impressive effort foorbal.
    And for froobing no excuses.
    And for the rigged DNC primaries frubil.
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