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Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2014
Apr 19, 2008
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All over.


Vagabond, from All over.

Alceste was last seen:
Nov 22, 2014
    1. Sunstone
      I've got this composition of my brother and his son that I've been working on for a while. I think I've finally figured out the color scheme I want the finished painting to have. So, I'm going to test it in a color study, then -- if all goes well -- start painting it for real.
    2. Sunstone
      Hi you gorgeous hunk of womanhood! How have you been? I've been doing a lot of painting lately.
    3. MysticSang'ha
    4. Sees
      Thanks for being awesome...makes sense now :D
    5. Simurgh
      thanks for the warm fuzzy
    6. Darkness
      And I think that is perhaps the most valid criticism of Freud's writings. He tends to transform social ontology into biological ontology — though it has to be noted that sometimes he realizes this and says as much. Perhaps that is one of the reasons his writings are still relevant, however. Sometimes all you need to do is flip a concept on its head in Freud and it has so much more staying power.
    7. Darkness
      I am curious if you have ever read much of Freud's work. Sigmund is one of those thinkers like Karl Marx who the majority criticize, but do not usually take time to read what the person actually wrote.
    8. Parsimony
      !laburf eht rof sknahT
    9. Kilgore Trout
      Kilgore Trout
      ajax chat is wrong link - use the one i posted
    10. Saint Frankenstein
      Saint Frankenstein
      Thank you for the frubal!
    11. 4consideration
      Thanks for the acknowledgement, Alceste! :)
    12. Aquitaine
      Ooo, big changes ey? I hope they've been positive for you. :)

      I'm doing alright thanks, not been on here in ages though!
    13. Parsimony
      Spank you for the frubal!
    14. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Just wanted to say that it's good to see you active here again.

      Welcome back! :D
    15. Simurgh
      thanks for this very decorative frubal
    16. Me Myself
      Me Myself
      Hey, those who dont do their jobs diserved to be fired with glee :D
    17. Aquitaine
      Ey up, how are things with ya Alceste?

      Not seen you around on RF for a while, hope you are well. :yes:
    18. Sunstone
      That sucks! But I know what you mean. I've simplified things as much as I personally can, but I still am much too on the grid. Any chance of your getting back out there in the next few months?
    19. Sunstone
      That place looks so beautiful! Glad you're back, though.
    20. Sunstone
      Sounds like a great time -- except for the mosquitoes. I wish I'd gone with you! Damn, it's been too long since I've spent much time in the woods.
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    All over.
    Canadian musician.


    "We are called upon to help the discouraged beggars in life's marketplace. One day we must come to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring." ~ MLK
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