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"You Are Not The First Person To Love Your Nation"


In the name of the Lord, Almighty. Peace and blessings be upon you.

I was reading the book, "Polarization around the Character of Ali" (a Must Read) by Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari. And I read a hadith (narration) there (which is recorded in more than 80 sunni sources) which made me think:

Anas Ibn Malik says: "Every day, one of the children of the Ansar would do some task for the Prophet. One day my turn came. Umm Ayman brought a chicken dish before the Prophet and said: "Messenger of Allah! I have caught this chicken myself and cooked it for you." He said: "O God! Send the best of (Thy) slaves that he may share with me in eating this chicken." At that very moment someone knocked on the door and the Prophet said to me: "Anas! Open the door."

I said: "May God make it a man of the Ansar!" But I found Ali in front of the door, and I said: "The Prophet is busy." Then I returned to stand in my place. Again there was a knock at the door, and the Prophet said: "Open the door." Again I prayed that it would be someone from the Ansar. I opened the door and again it was Ali. I said: "The Prophet is busy." Then I returned to stand in my place. Yet again there was a knock at the door, and the Prophet said: "Anas, go and open the door, and bring him in. You are not the first person to love your own people; that are not one of the Ansar." I went and brought Ali in, and he ate the chicken dish with the Prophet." (al-Mustadrak ala as-Sahihayn, vo1.3, p.131)

The hadith shows the status of Imam Ali. And it also is about the fault of tribalism-nationalism. Even someone who lived in the company of the Prophet (Anas b Malik) could fall for that mistake. How about us?

I am now thinking, why some of us Muslims, are trying to boast about leaders-figures of our own countries who may not deserve that status (our credits) and why we are closing the doors to the pious people of the Muslim world, the Alis of the age.

I mean why try to be bostful about a state (probably the borders of which were literally drawn by arrogant powers on the world map by using a ruler, and which probably has a godless-secular system) and prefer it to the Islamic Republic and Islamic Movements worldwide (which recognizes no borders-seperation)?

I am not saying we should let go of our lands. But I am talking about us (with the impact of tribalism-nationalism) associating ourselves to the secular-godless usurper regimes in our lands (whereas we should disassociate i.e. tabarra from them), and why we are turning our backs to the global islamic revolution.

I believe, Islam and nationalism can not accompany each other. And it kills me to see Muslim(?) nationalism (especially in Turkey, Azarbeijan, Egypt and Pakistan, etc.) against other Muslim nations and not against World Arrogant Powers (such as the USA regime).

Sorry for rambling. Blessings my friends.