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Yggdrasil Tattoo

The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
A while back I designed my next tattoo, and yesterday I got it. Yggdrasil houses Eight of the Nine Worlds, with the primordial forces of Múspellsheimr and Niflheimr represented by the sun and moon. The roots - through which Níðhöggr entwines, connect with my Wardruna bindrune. This is done to represent Odin looking down from Yggdrasil to grasp the runes (though the Futhark are our runes, and the ones Odin acquired are different and shrouded in mystery.)

Yggdrasil tattoo.jpg


Active Member
Really damn cool. I love how thoughtful your designs are... Have you sold (or, rather, are selling) anything on etsy?

I've been thinking of getting some runic tattoos lately... Nothing quite as nice as yours. I just wanted the runes in rows for different places. I'm thinking of getting the elder and younger futhark (possibly the medieval runes, too) along with the Futhorc, and my own set. I was going to get Freya's ætt on my left forearm, Heimdall's on my right, Tyr's on my chest, and the Anglo-Friesian and my own extra ætt on the back of my neck (not quite sure what to call the Anglo-Friesian ætt, as I've heard it called many things).

I might add the Armanen runes to those as well, depending. Gotta do lots of research first. :D