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Yahshua My Saviour

Messianic Israelite

Active Member
It’s been a little while since I started a thread and I’ve covered a variety of subjects, but I don’t think I have done justice to – or ever will be able to do justice to – Yahshua my Savior. The question in my mind is, why are there so many religious hobbyists today? Why has religion become a mere formality in so many cases? Why are they so many who reject religion? Don’t they know that someone very special, a very precious individual, a person perfect in all their ways has died for them? Today, people treat religion as a supermarket experience. You go through the stalls and you pick what you want based on how you feel at that moment, based on your own preferences and preconceived ideas about the world and how it is and came to be and how it should work. You might mix and match certain things. You might take an idea from a certain religion or another but then not commit to any faith.

But Yahshua suffered, bled and died for each one of us. He was mocked. He was scourged. He was hated. He died so we might have the opportunity to make it in to His Kingdom. That we might have the opportunity to have our sins blotted out and thrown in to the depths of the sea through baptism (Micah 7:19). To start a new life of commandment keeping which will lead us to the Kingdom of Yahweh (Matthew 19:17).

Yahshua suffered so much. Yet you look at the lives of some people and you wonder why. Even some who have knowledge of the Messiah’s death are far too liberal and loose when it comes to obeying the Bible.

There was a thread on here recently that said, isn’t the theory of evolution compatible with the Bible. I believe that most certainly it isn’t and my Savior when he was on this earth referred to Noah’s Flood (Matthew 24:38), Sodom’s destruction (Matthew 11:23) and Jonah’s account of being in the belly of the great fish (Matthew 12:40) as things that actually happened. Why is it that within Chr-stianity, they are those who vehemently claim to follow Yahshua, but have no idea what he taught and choose not to have faith in the Word of Yahweh as He did? Why do so many Chr-stians have so little faith in Yahweh?

Would Yahshua my Savior agree with the theory of evolution? I believe he certainly would not. Yahshua kept the seventh day Sabbath from Friday evening to Saturday evening (sunset) as do the Jews. Many Jews fail to see this today but keeping the Sabbath Day is an attestation that they believe in a seven-day creation week. A literal six days which completed the entire creation process and brought in to existence everything around us rounded off by the seventh day Sabbath.

Yahshua my Savior was more than any man. He didn’t have to suffer for us. He didn’t have to take on human flesh. He could have allowed us to rot away in our sins. But a spirit being cannot atone for sins. Only something which has flesh and blood can atone for sins, as a result, he came to save us and bring the Messianic faith in to harmony with Yahweh’s will.

Without Yahshua we can do nothing (John 15:5). Without Yahshua I would be nothing. But even today, Yahshua is the cornerstone which the builders rejected (1 Peter 2:7). Chr-stians might consider this to refer to Jews but it refers to them too and anyone who is trying to build their life. Everyone is trying to build some semblance of a good life but how many are coming to the cornerstone, Yahshua the Messiah, to do it?

“For you therefore that believe is the preciousness: but for such as disbelieve, The stone which the builders rejected, The same was made the head of the corner;”

Yahshua my Savior kept the commandments of Yahweh perfectly. It can be done through the power of the Holy Spirit. But if Yahshua’s sacrifice doesn’t make you serious about your salvation, what will? For a righteous, no, a perfect individual, to have to die for our sins, our transgressions, our violations of the Law, shouldn’t more people be cognizant of keeping the Biblical Laws? Don’t atheists owe it to Yahweh to analyse their thoughts and figure out what is preventing them from believing in Yahweh?

It’s a shame that so many who claim to believe in the Messiah only have an mirage of faith. When you look closer you find that there is nothing there. They don’t believe in keeping the commandments as He did. They don’t believe in the Word of Yahweh as He did, taking a literal interpretation of the Word. I do believe in Yahshua. I believe He existed, that He lived a sin-free life and gave His life so we, as sheep going astray, could return to the Bishop of our souls (1 Peter 2:25).

Why do you think more people aren’t serious about faith?