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Wisdom from another perspective

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by trablano, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. trablano

    trablano Member

    Apr 1, 2017
    Sometimes I conclude from practice and life that wisdom in fact is a mystical river like fate, and that it is normally benevolent and a kinder force in life balancing out the difficult things we encounter in our fate. It is a white and pure stream and I believe Odysseus (I'm pagan) had much joy on those parts of his journey when wisdom, that of the gods and of himself and that of the people who travelled with him and those he encountered, took care of him. Wisdom can be seen as meeting God himself, and although I am not deeply educated I find ancient wisdom riddles often very exciting.

    I know a good one. Have you noticed that every kiss is another? Not one kiss you have given or received in life is exactly the same as another. I think Solomo said this.

    Why do we humans normally love our minds so much? Animals have the same thing going but they are not necessarily wise. Maybe the gods are entirely wise and innocent and we don't have the right books anymore. Or we separated ourselves from the animal world and, for example, too easily fall in selfish motives instead of innocently wise ones when we help or love the world with good deeds.

    There may be grey and dark wisdom in war or in life, but the ancients who should have known this stuff from the darker kinds of their life experiences didn't see it like this. I don't mean wisdom like in the modern biblical book of Proverbs although it has some good ones. I mean wisdom like in the jewish tradition of goethian sages or in the muslim tradition of learned hodshas. Or, simply said, in the tradition of almost every religion of the world. Wisdom can have a color and you can tell apart odinian from zeusian or manitouic wisdom. If you find in yourself the eyes to see it you can make wisdom a part of your everyday religious life and can know by this that there are gods because a wisdom can't simply be a smartass thing.

    A good wisdom would be helpful and kind and revealing to you a year of thought like you could write a book about it. Ha, maybe book writing is our way of creating worlds in our cosm or in heaven where we will live one day. Or we think eastern and say we can be prophetic and may anticipate something that will find us back in life. That's when wisdom meets art and theater.

    And there is riddle wisdom and mystic wisdom. Riddle wisdom is perhaps like the solomonic kiss proverb, and mystic wisdom is perhaps that we may find people in life that seem totally similar to beloveds who left us or family members who died. I once loved a girl much and she didn't want to come with me and the result now is that I am not unhappy but actually rather often find someone in the city who has the same aura and feeling for me like that girl. And I found a deity who looks similar and she spoke to me with power and love that she sent that woman in my life and that she meant it as a way of showing her love to me and that I can live in a love religion with that deity too.

    That's all wisdom, and you can hopefully see the gods' wisdom in how they help us in life, not like throwing us a breadcrumb. When wisdom acts you get a years worth of holiday, a book and not just a poem, an idea and not just a thought.

    Philosophy just means the eternal story of examining all wisdoms you can find, the jewish davidian learn to hold back, the greek stream or maybe sea helping with fate, the german love of disciplined doubt or the north american indian understanding of the manly honest life.