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What to expect after death.

Mark D.

New Member
I'm writing this to relate an event that happened to me some years ago.
I've put it a different context to get it out of my personal context. This happened to me here on earth, but I've moved the context to the great hall of judgement in heaven.

You find yourself a member of the recently deceased. You are at the pearly gates. The line is long but eventually you make it to the front of the line. An angel opens the gates and escorts you to the great hall of judgement. He walks you to the place of judgement, and before you is Lord God the Father. On his right sets Lord Jesus Christ, on his left sets the Holy Spirit.

You didn't realize it was going to be like this. You are totally blown away. You have no idea what to do, and you are wishing that you had your nickers on to **** in.

The you feel yourself being drawn toward the creator, up to within spitting distance of his intense blazing blue eyes.
You feel a slight disorientation, and his eyes have become mirrors of your life. You see everything in that moment. Every detail of your life. The dread overwhelms you as you watch your life pass by. You find yourself furious with yourself for being such a fool and a selfish jerk. You long to take it all back.
Then you sense an intense sadness emanating from the creator.
Then it happens. You feel a sense of dis-orientation again, you are no longer looking into the mirrors. You are lookin at eyes again. Then you realize they are not the creator's eyes they are your own eyes, and you are looking through the eyes of the creator at yourself. You struggle to cope with this. You not only see yourself through the creators eyes, you feel his emotions towards you, and you become one with them.
You feel his intense love for you. It is alarmingly overwhelming. You feel the absolute confidence he has that you are perfect in his eyes. There is absolutely no doubt. You feel all of the hopes and asperations he has for you. You finally feel at peace.
Then there is a dis-orientation again, and you find yourself looking into his eyes. You are buzzing with his energy, his love, asperations and hopes. You are perfect once again. You haven't been like this since birth.
You collapse upon the floor a sobbing heap of gratefulness.
You hear a voice whisper "so ends the holy tetragrammaton"

As I said this happened to me. It wasn't in heaven, but it happened. I was working on a spiritual mission, and had completely stalled out. I was going nowhere fast. I prayed in my own sort of way for help, and soon after I prayed, it happened. It was completely transformative. All of the baggage I had carried was gone. Not a bit of guilt or sorrow. Whereas I really didn't care for myself before. That had all changed. I could love myself again, and this made it infinitely easier to love others. For some time after that I felt as light as a feather. It's been decades since that time, and I still have a residual from it. Oh, and I easily completed the task I was working on afterward.

The reason I changed the context to heaven is that, since that time I have found out that it is a commonly used tool to purify souls. That place is a pass not.

There are other steps after to clean up the real parts. Those parts that are not self flagellation, but are real events that must be atoned for.

A soul can not survive beyond that point. It must be cleansed, and only then can it be integrated with the spirit. The soul within the spirit can go beyond that point safely.

Once the purification is complete, The soul can become a permanent part of the spirit forever.