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What the Psyche Is

Gnostic Seeker

The Greek word psyche in the religious sense is the soul. The Latin translation of this word used by the Romans is the animus.

Now I'm sure other Hellenic polytheists might have a different stance, but I've personally come to understand the psyche is the underlying seat of consciousness.

When a person says they are different in some area than they once were, this is transition, but when they say they are still the person they are (name/self) that is the psyche.

The psyche is the true or core self that doesn't change and isn't changed by ego transitions. This is what continues after death in the other realm (Hades) is the self that always knows itself, and transition does not shake it.

What are your thoughts/opinions?


Big Queer Chesticles!
Exchange soul with personality which is generated in the brain and that is my opinion and something that is taught in psychology.

I think that a lot of stories surrounding how things worked, where things come from and philosphies were a way to explain the things that they were not yet equipped to explain.

The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
I agree. Best leave 'psyche' as consciousness, in the controversial sense.

However I believe it can mean mind, which personally I separate from spirit.


I know with at least some Hellenic traditions there is change, at lewst towards advancement, of the psyche. I'm not sure how similar it is to Germanic traditions concept with multiple soul/being "parts" but I think it might be :kissing:

"Western" mysticism tended to be advancement of self, growth of divine spark if you will, towards higher states or even godhood itself - compared to modern "Eastern" self/soul as an unchanging piece of God which later dissolves back into God.