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what is unitarian universalism?


I am a christian who is having a hard time understanding what exactly unitarian universalism is. I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. Many people have tried explaining it to me and didnt make much sense.

Green Gaia

Veteran Member
That's not a simple answer lol! I'm going to refer you to the UU FAQ thread, and if you have any more questions that aren't covered there, I will be happy to try to address them. :)


Thank you, that helped a lot. I always like to understand a religion before I debate or even address it. If i understand correctly, the main difference between UU and Christianity, is that it does not exclude other religions from salvation. This is something that is debated outside, as well as inside the Christian church. Many people beleive that if you do not accept the doctrine of Jesus Christ you are going to hell. I believe this to be true, since i am christian, but I do not believe that you will go to hell if you have not even heard the doctrine of Jesus Christ. For instance, if a Hindu person has never heard of Jesus or Christianity, then they will not go to hell. I believe that the person will die, and then choose heaven or hell. Again, thank you for helping me better understand Unitarian Universalism.