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What Is the Essence of Religious Dogma?


I hypothesize it is the wish to contemplate yourself unto the universe without ignoring the blatant discord swimming in the air course, since we all know the atmosphere is made out of the void of vacuum - we usually do this due to how we ignore the mind absorbing information wherever it go, this discards the contemporary notion, however since it's a popular notion - it becomes into a misconception, but people cannot receive this, since it's an optical illusion and then they narrowly reject it and follow an "undeniable principle" in their faith.

This concerns many outside of the inner circle of the religion.When this is applied, it's important to know how this applies, since the ascendance of the boundary of an amendment travels really directly to your life and why if you’re not extremely liberal and reformed, you’re not getting the results that you should be getting in your life. It’s really hampering your growth in reason, so we need to discard the fideism, which is the source of its splinter sect, dogma. The more we reform one, the more we can grow them faster in secular advancement, I will present this analogy for a better understanding, it is an accelerator for your growth as a human being and individuality. It is significant to stop exposing your nutrition and dignity to others through these dogmas and dual your life into two pieces, faith and reason, rather than faith and submission to authoritative popes.

Most dogmatic religionists think that when a person suggests these offerings, such as reformation and individuality in apprehension of their faith - it hurts their religious ego and their faith's reputation in its legitimacy, and therefore bad and reject such an idea, especially due to the incorporation of the conscious cognition in intuitive nature of dogma and development of spirituality - this develops a denial of truth - and its functioning here results into an optical delusion, albeit seemingly contradictory, it makes sense since what’s really happening is that the reason you’re getting really easily offends many of these things here or any other millions of things is that of your ego's mental representation, it has a certain world view capable of excluding logic. And your mind, literally as you’re growing up, is constructing a world view for yourself, a model of how you think the world is and how it works. Things include many of your beliefs, many of your preferences in life, many of your cherished cultural ideas. All this stuff gets united together and creates this mental model. You’re using this mental model to look at everything and this is a highly distorted perspective of reality, whereas dogma is the cause for this inhumane thinking. There’s a cognitive dissonance that must be ended.

And when that happens there’s only two choices: you can either admit that your mental model could be wrong and try to readjust it to adopt that new fact that was presented. Or you could do the opposite and you can say, "My mental model is completely right, that fact is wrong. Something is wrong with reality, with the outer world." This gives birth to dogma and a cult of human personality.

The key to understand here is that there is always a cult of human personality. Human nature is such that your mind are literally programmed for following strong leaders, authoritative popes. This is just how the human species has evolved, but we must evolve past this phase and destroy the ancient beliefs, such as the theology of several religions such as Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism - these inane mental representations must end, it's ridiculous, however they can be reconstructed into understanding the parcel of their secularist philosophy and the rest must be nullified in a scientific consensus, the authoritarian governments can also restrict people to believe in these stupidities/mythologies, but then there must be a concern to the future mental representations of the world, or, world-view philosophies, the new world has proven to be intelligent and newer beliefs, such as Marxism, can be secularized and be used in future authoritarian states, in hopes of an utopia without dogmas and stupid theologies and eschatological beliefs that can be found in many religions, such as Christianity, Zoroastrianism and even traditional Taoism, as much as I hate to say it.

Of course, I will sound like an indefinite dictatorial bigot if I chose to agree on nullifying their theistic notions, regardless how ridiculous they sound to a foreigner that makes you wonder how people can believe in such myths - I leave that to the authoritative autocratic to decide this.

As long as they admit that the future lies in the hand of secular science and not in the hands of their eschatological fairy tales from their inherited ethno-religions to be their only reasons to accept it, whether it be from Judaic, Mazdayasnian or traditional Chinese backgrounds - they are all fairy tales and must be eradicated or their followers must be - but I let the anti-Capitalist fascists decide that in the future authoritarian, utopian state.

Similarly, Sigmund Freud in his psychoanalysis proved that by determining conjecture as fact, you're automatically a narrow-minded, dogmatic fool with a low chance to ever change in the psyche, philosophically speaking.

This concludes a surreal vision of the physical world and when the ego has concealed the theory to accept it as truth, you start to regard it as irrefutable, and when it is refuted, you argue against those claims - ultimately, it's debunked, but due to dogmatic rationality, you dismiss the debunking and therefrom, dogma becomes instituted. It's extremely common in Near Eastern religions, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and together with Egyptian and Greek traditions, it constitutes a well fairly-made stupidity and embraces being irreligious and atheism from the intellectuals growing up in areas with these religions and no knowledge of other religions, this is due to their enlightenment on how unbelievable these religions are that only blind faith and dogma can result in being the reason for them to continue believing, it's manifested in the fact how greatly declined these religions have been over the centuries, most Jews, Iranians, Greeks are largely atheistic nowadays due to their ancestor religion. Dogma has a huge significance in this.

But, of course. it is also important to note the severity of dark faith and dogmatic principles in pledged reason to fidelity of fideism.

I claim the essence of religious dogma stems from a blind faith and narrow-minded ego that makes one pompous enough to think that they are correct and whoever debunks them are wrong, even though the dogmatic person is not correct, at least this is from a psychological point of view.

I also came with a solution, it's the reform of dogma into esoteric individualism that should be the solution, from a personal viewpoint, or another probable solution - the eradication of those dogmas by an authoritarian overhead and the [forced] conversion to humanism or secularism, from a political point of view. I believe by disposing of dogma, a human being achieves utopia and peace.
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