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what do you think of me persuasion to religion statement

this is a concept presented by someone that knows that there is religion to those that have not got the same level of proof. i cannot persuade because of the lack of evidence so I try to use intelligent design arguments, but those are pretty unconvincing to atheists or agnostic or materialists as they don't show why i am SO interested in religion. so i say,
"scrutinizing your life - what goes into you (sight smell sound touch as well as the ideas that tie your life together and organize that information) and what goes out (are you *Consistent. totally consistent. in your actions and opinions and thoughts/attitudes) is a neccessary ingredient for Being a Serious Person Whose Life is Worth Something. therefore, make absolutely certain that you are serious and not a joker, make ethics important, don't be a hypocrite, and pay very close attention to what you see looking for the deeper meaning if there is one."
It needs some polishing as far as rhetoric goes but i think i got the idea across.
my theory is 1.that atheists and similar usually have some academic or philosophical thinking in them which this will appeal to, and if they are serious about their politics or their atheism or whatever they will be goaded by this and make themselves apply it or feel like a looser. 2. attempting to organize one;s thoughts and life in such a way that one is totally consistent and/or scrutinizing life very closely will attract some type of God/Spirit/Deity (s) whether to help or to prevent. 3. whether anything sentient out there responds or not scrutinizing life closely could reveal traces of any unsentient metaphysics/religion (Daoism, Karma, Pantheism). 4. if there is no religion true this organizing and scrutinizing will still result in both a moral gain and an organizational gain