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What Baptist Church


Jesus loves you
Independant Baptist

I attend an independant baptist church simply because it is the only non compromising church around for miles on end where I live, most others have conformed or are conforming to the spirit of the age. My beliefs are closest to the Baprtist view point though I differ with them on some issues and things I view as traditions.
As the church is so far from my house and I don't drive and public transport is very bad, a few of us often meet in my house and break bread, pray, sing praises and study the scriptures together and collect money for poor and persecuted brethren that this side of the world are ignorant of.


Jesus loves you
Grace said:
:) I am attending a small Baptist church that sings out of the hymnal and my Pastor actualy preaches using only the Bible. He himself believes every word of the Bible is truth and preaches as it is.
Sometimes you leave knowing that you need to seek more and sometimes you go home feeling hope. I sing in the small choir and it is great singing the old loved hymns.
Hi Grace, it sounds like a great place, I wish there were more like it in England but traditional Christianity is being scrapped for modernism here:( .
Tradition's scrapped indeed by many,
And modernism's a cheap penny,
But I retain the old faith still
That Francis Bampfield came to fill
In 1676 when he
Gathered again the assembly
Called Pinner's Hall. I still believe
The strict, particular reprieve,
And come each Sabbath day to sing
The Scriptures instead of hymning.

A Strict and Particular Sabbatarian Baptist


New Member
Caitlin and other Forum members who are Baptists but not attending church, for what ever reasons, I would like to recommend you visit Elevation Church, Charlotte, North Carolina via there website.

I don't know if I can provide a link, so just go to a search engine, and type in "Elevation Church Charlotte"

I live in Australia, and found this church via my android smart phone, via the Android Market apps Google site.

Of all the countless religious apps, available, I profoundly believe God helped me find 2 excellent churches straight off.

I decided to concentrate on the Elevation one and have never felt so blessed as now. I just can't wait to watch each weeks sermon from the most outstanding young Pastor I have ever seen. So, I make myself only wait until Saturday ...even though the next sermon (usually in small series) might be up sooner.

Elevation is ultra modern and the Pastor is the same, - but no one else preaches/teaches like him.

A Baptist seed plant church six years ago in Charlotte (from Shelby) the church now has 6 campuses in Charlotte. Finding God's favor, from 20 persons it has grown to 10, 000 weekly worshipers.

This is a church you will feel God is blessing ... and like me, you will soon feel an attachment to it one you watch Pastor Steven Furtick preach, and try out some of their Hillsong type music.

I would be happy to answer any questions about Elevation Church, if asked.

Just one thing more. In Australia we are conscious that many American Preachers are mostly out to feather their own nests, so we discount them altogether.

But Pastor Furtick is totally genuine, and you will sense this immediately. And he actually tithes back 40% of his salary to the church. :yes: