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Website on female enlightened sage Rajini Menon


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Website on female enlightened sage Rajini Menon

Has she been enlightened by G-d whose another name is Noor-the source/Resource of Ever-and-All-Radiant-Light, even of the Sun/s and Moon/s of the entire Universe/s, please, right?


She attained enlightenment by following her inner voice of conscience and adhering to virtuous conduct. The inner voice can also be called the voice of God.

It is said that if one is overflowing with humanity and morality, the Divine or God will come to such on His own accord.

The inner voice is also emphasized in sufism.

'The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.' ~ Rumi

In Sufism, there are three main voices that impact our lives as a whole. The voice that rings the loudest within you – though it may not be the voice with your highest good behind it – will hold the most power over your daily life. Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe discusses the differences between the three voices, and how to distinguish which of them is currently at the forefront of your life.

Rajini Menon has distinguished between the inner voice of conscience and the egoic mind's noise...

The most righteous act is what your inner voice or inner conscience, manasakshi, tells you and not what your mind tells you.

How do you differentiate between the true inner voice and the minds outer voice? If you are served a bowl of apples and a dish of sweets, and if you are diabetic with a craving for sweets, your mind will pull you towards eating the sweets, but your inner voice will tell you to go for the apples.

Suppose a bowl of apples and a tray of oranges are served to you and if your mind pulls you towards oranges and your inner voice will be telling you that either of these is all right.

That is to say if there is a conflicting voice in you, that is, an opposing voice between the inner and the outer voice, you have to listen to, or follow the inner voice, and where there is no conflicting voice between the inner and the outer voice, there you may follow as your whims and fancies are, that is you may follow your mind’s voice or outer voice! Your job is over. Now you sit there hand on hand doing nothing. The results are not your choice. Your botheration is over once you accept what comes to you and do what is the most righteous in the situation.