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Walking into Lightning

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Link, Aug 11, 2022.

  1. Link

    Link Veteran Member
    Premium Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    Lightning is to be feared
    We walk in it unconcerned
    Despite hearing and seeing it's harsh judgment

    It says this is going to hurt you
    This is going to shrink you
    This is going to darken everything about you
    Yet the things we continue to do
    Are not as if we aren't being hit
    As if there is nothing lit

    And deep inside our souls
    A Lion thunders his call
    Pick me I'll be your sword
    I'll be your light and word

    Don't do it shouts
    Every time but we ignore it
    We become so use to being hit
    Almost immune to the lightning
    Till no blessed light remains
    And we feel no shame
    And ourselves we don't blame

    Walked into every time
    Thinking nothing of our crime

    And if someone reminds of the judgment we run from
    We call them hateful, judgmental, and oppose them

    The thunder and Angels glorify God
    But we pay no attention
    It strikes as if we are watched with one with a magical rod

    But alas! We are Intoxicated with falsehood
    Heedless as we walk out of God' neighborhood
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