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Vision Quest, Please add

God is love

Active Member
I wanted to start this thread with a recent event, the closing ceremony of the Olympics this year. I thought it was appropriate and good that Vancouver introduced their future Olympics with Chief Jacob representing the Indigenous people in that area of Canada. I was delighted. I realize this does not have a relevancy to "Vision Quest". However, I didn't want to start a seperate thread just to make that statement.

Now on to "Vision Quest"

Intro {How I came across it}

I was interested in learning more about the culture and traditions of the Native Americans. I wanted to see a Wacipi when I planned to be in Wyoming during a road trip. I was looking for Wacipis in Wyoming and found several but they were in the summer. The trip would be from east to west so I wouldn't be in Wyoming till Setember. I found a Wacipi on the Rosebud Reservation, The Rosebud Sioux Wacipi, that I wanted to see because it was on a reservation. I thought I would be experiencing a cultural tradition of the past while experiencing their culture in the present.

The name "Rosebud" Reservation sounded familiar to me. I eventually remembered that the author of my favorite book {non fiction}, Betty Eadie, {quoting the author"
"was raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota." She is author of the book "Embraced by the Light" that I've mentioned in some posts. She had an after death expereience and wrote about it. The Rosebud Wacipi would be before September so I started looking for what was happening in September.

In that search I found some history. In September 8,1851 there was a great assemblage of Plains indians for the great Indian Treaty Council along the banks of the North Platte river in Laramie Wyoming. The article said "At sunrise, the morning of September 8,1851, was the greatest assemblage of Plains Indians ever seen in one place." That would have been amazing to see. I thought it would be a nice idea to have a reunion some year.

So how did I fing "Vision Quest", you may wonder when I will be getting to it. Now.
While searching for some Indian related event in September, an article popped up that mentioned "Vision Quest". There wasn't a "Vision Quest" happening then but there was a mention and description.

The description of a "Vision Quest" that was given was "Seeking a vision, seeking for that part of their lives that we need but is missing and seeking for the meaning in life." The article was more of a call to the youth to join a "Vision Quest", encouraging Indian youth to seek a vision for their lives. I thought that was a good idea, a very good program, it may enable them to find within, the qualities, talents, abilities, etc they have, to advance their lives and to benefit society. They need to see their potential and realize it. They can share them with others so they can enjoy the benefit.

The article said "It begins with asking for illumination. In the process of seeking for truth, {the meaning of life} the youth learn to search for all people
{themselves included}, what they need that's missing, to care for their families, their village, their community and to care for the environment."

So, I'm guessing. that Vision Quest is getting a vision to improve your life and the lives of others. That gives a good purpose in life. The purpose is for betterment, to better self, better your life conditions or the conditions of other lives.

I want to add that the government of america should be providing better education on the reservations to help the youth help themselves. I was glad to see that Senator Kerry cared about the Indian needs. I reminded him of some bills in congress that were being discussed at that campaign time, that would provide for more teachers on reservations. Congress.Org is a place where you can look at the bills being discussed in congress. I will look and see if that is the correct address, is it isn't, I will provide the correct address.

By the way I LOVE the Indian chanting in "Return to Innoscence" by Enigma.
Very sensual but soulfull at the same time. Um, Marvelous! That's all I'll say here.

Quote from Chief Seattle
"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves."

Please add here what your Vision Quest discovered if you have had a Vision Quest.
If you add, I will read. There's plenty of room to add here. Love, God is Love

painted wolf

Grey Muzzle
well being a woman and a non lakota... I've never been on a "vision quest".

I have had visions but they are highly personal things which I natrually won't be sharing. ;)


God is love

Active Member
To "Painted Wolf"
New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful states in the United States, gorgeous.

I wish you would share something about your "Lakota" culture on this thread so I can learn about it. I thought your public profile said "Cherokee". Is Lakota a tribe within Cherokee? I have some recollection that Lakota is a seperate tribe.

I recently found the Sioux word for wisdom, "Wokscape"

I think I should start a thread to learn more words. Perhapps you would be willing to add the Lakota/Cherokee words you know. Your profile gave the word for thankyou, Wa:do. If you were willing you could add a a few at a time when convenient..

God is Love


Feathers in Hair

World's Tallest Hobbit
Whoops, there may have been a bit of a misunderstanding- I think PW meant that she wasn't of the Lakota tradition.

What is here referred to as a 'vision quest' is not exclusive to the First Nations path, though I will bow to others if one is wanting to discuss it only in that context. Since I am not of that heritage or know enough of their paths to follow them exclusively, I will hope to respect them by not putting my own experiences here. I would be happy to share a few in the 'pagan' section, but do not feel it is my place to do so in this section.

painted wolf

Grey Muzzle
heh.. guess I should have been more specific.
by "non-Lakota" I ment that I am not of the Lakota nation.

I do know that ammong the Lakota the "vision quest" is for young men, and that not all those who seek a vision will get one.


God is love

Active Member
I don't know how I overlooked "non", I must have read too quickly anxious to see the first response to this thread. I had been looking for a response for a while.
I began thinking that there wasn't much activity here, perhapps there aren't many members that are Native American. I would love to see more.

I realize now that you are NON Lakota and as I originally thought, you are Cherokee. I was hoping that instead of just discovering, what I had over looked, that you are non Lakota, I would be able to learn from you more about what/who you are, Cherokee.
In other words that you would share what you would like to share about your heritage, culture, personal experience {highlights}.

I introduced the idea of a thread to learn Native American words of any tribe. I was wondering {hoping} you might like to share some Cherokee words on the thread. I wouldn't start another thread if there isn't any interest.

I have an interest in the Native Americans. I thought they would like to share with me a culture they are proud of.

I wish I knew where there were others I could invite in.

I would like to extend my idea again to start a language thread if there would be enough interest. So "Painted Wolf", if you would like, I will.

Love, God is Love

God is love

Active Member
O-Si-Yo {Hello} "Painted Wolf"

Gu-do-i {How} is Tsa-la-gi-yi {Cherokee} di-tle-lo-s-do-di {art}, da-ka-no-gi-dv {music}
a-le {and} tsa-la-tsi-s-gi {dance} nu-da-le-hna-v different gv-na-wo-s-gv {than} so-i {other} a--ni-la-s-da-lv {tribe, didn't find plural} ?

I-ga-du {some} tsa-la-gi-yi Cherokee ka-ne-tsv {word, didn't find plural}

Tsi-lo-ni April

tsu-da-da-ni-lu-v-tsa-di agreeable

e-li-ni-gv-ne-dv achieve

di-nu-wo-s-di apparel

ga-tlo-a u-a apron

di-ga-lo-go-di agriculture

da-lo-ni-ge a-da-dv-s-gi apricot

a-s-qua-ni-go-hi-s-di amuse

ga-na-tla-i animal

a-wi-yu-s-ti antelope

tsi-yu airplane

ga-lv-la-di-tlv aloft

a-da-li-he-li-tse-li appreciate

go-hi-yu-do-di approved

di-li-di arise

God is love

Active Member
I guess there isn't an interest in this thread or a language thread.
I was hoping to learn about Cherokee culture from a Cherokee, a perspective I wouldn't get from just reading a book. To begin with, I was wondering what distinguished Cherokee art, music and dance from other Indian tribes.
Well, I tried.:rainbow1:



Veteran Member
Premium Member
I find language fascinating, God is Love, but a language is is much too complicated a thing to be explored in depth on a forum such as this.
I have no idea how to pronounce the words you posted above, for example, and certainly no hint of Cherokee grammar.

If you're interested in Cherokee culture, there are a number of ethnographies you could read. The Cherokee are a well-known people.


Virus of the Mind
If I may , I would recommand reading two books . The first " Black Elk Speaks " by John Neihardt . And if you wish to have a deeper look at the traditional Sioux believes , then try " The Gift of the Sarced Pipe ".

Personally , I have never read the second , but recommand it based upon the recommandations of others .