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Vikings and Meditative Practices


Active Member
Some people tend to believe that the Germanic Peoples of Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Poland and Iceland didn't have practices and beliefs which actually were similar to their cognate culture in East India, the Vedic culture.

There have actually been some figurines of statuettes of people who were obviously of Germanic Heritage uncovered in places like Scandinavia, England and Germany in a meditative position, a practice though originally to have been unique only to the people of East and Southern Asia.

Also there are many different objects of east Asian spiritual significance found in Scandinavia, such as buddhas, Hindu gods etc. So these practices obviously at least caught the attention of the Nordic peoples, if not were cognate or connected with their practices.

They also had other beliefs that were cognate to the beliefs of the Vedic people. The belief in the nine worlds, and the east indian chakra beliefs, I perceive are the remnants of a proto-Indo-European cosmological system.

The seven chakras in the Vedic culture can all be viewed as cognating to seven of the Germanic nine reams, the other two, Muspelheim and Niflheim, are realms unique to the cosmos, as they are the "primal" realms and can be viewed as paralleling to chakras existing in our hands and feet, chakras of creating and destroying.