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UUA Email Lists

Green Gaia

Veteran Member
Email Lists

The mission of the UUA's email mailing lists is to provide a way for groups of UUs and like-minded individuals to communicate via email on issues relating to Unitarian Universalism, the UUA, and UU congregations and districts.
Email lists are a great way to receive announcements or participate in online discussions. The UUA sponsors over 250 different mailing lists and participation is free. Although the messages exchanged in these mailing lists are not reviewed or approved by the UUA the lists have gone through an application and approval process for sponsorship by our organization. There are three types of lists:

* Open to the Public: anyone can join.
* Closed to the Public: Some lists are open only to individuals who meet defined subscription criteria, such as membership in a particular UU-related organization.
* Moderated: Lists that are for announcements only (for example, the UUA-L list is for announcements from the UUA) or that filtered through a moderator who can reject messages that don't match the criteria for the list.

Click here for an alphabetical listing of all UUA Sponsored Lists.