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uu and anthropic principle


Veteran Member
One thing about UU as a school of thought is that little is put into saying the universe (world) is made this way or that. Answers to philophical questions of the nature of man are explored through various faiths but one is not favored over the other by the instiution of UU.

I chalk it up to the anthropic princple that says (qoute from webpage at bottom of post)

" the universe is the way it is because if it were different we would not be here to observe it.
(ref http://www.tellmehowto.net/answers/answer.php?id=12 )

or as enwikipedia puts it, "any valid theory of the universe must be consistant with our existance as carbon based human beings at this particular time and place in the universe."


Do you see your UU (or as an outsider looking in who is not UU) as an application of the antrhropic prinple

if so why?

if not why not?