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unitarian u congregations?

hello, I am new to unitarian universalism and slowly becoming one. I have a question if any one knows, which u.u. congregations out there have a strong strain of buddhism in their practice/theology/teaching? I am asking because I want to find a decent congregation to take sunday sermons online from and read, in addition to my home location's sunday services... many u.u. congregations have a fairly christian flavor, that is not objectionable to me but i wondered if there was a fairly strongly buddhist inspired church?

also, humanism,

also, native american derived concepts?

Trey of Diamonds

Well-Known Member
Greetings. There are certianly UU churches out there that are heavily influenced by by Buddhism but we don't really categorise ourselves as such. What happens is each church tends to become a reflection of the people and their minister, if they have one. So if the congregation is mostly Buddhist then the sermons will be mostly Buddhist. Same with Wiccian, Christian, Humanist and so on. Churches aren't started with an outcome already in mind, they grow into it. Nor do they advertise themselves as such for a couple reasons. 1. Who knows how long they will fit in any particular category as congregations change. 2. We want to be welcoming to everyone and if you put yourself in a category it implies others may not feel welcome.

So, my advice is go to the UUA and look at the church listings. Go to some of their websites and skim through their sermons. It shouldn't take to long to find some that are heavy into Buddhism. Also, if they have a minister look at his bio and see if he's a Buddhist. That can be a good clue.

Best of luck my friend,



Unitarian Universalist
Our congregation has, within it, Buddhists who meet for a weekly meditation gathering, in addition their participation in the broader church's worship.

Buddhist Meditation Group at UUCR

Having said that, Buddhist teachings are very frequently prominent on our broader church's worship. Native American concepts, not as much - less than I'd prefer (especially given that my wife is 1/4 Cherokee).

Humanism is prominent in our church's worship, as much as if not more so than Christianity.
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