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Unitarian Christianity Lessons


Oldest Heretic
Have a look at this site, the Comber church was largely founded and built by my family, who were Unitarians.
The Non subscribing Presbyterians are an Irish church closely akin to Christian Unitarians.
Many unitarians these days have become associated with the UU's.
so much so that it is now difficult to arrive at a statement of faith for a Christian Unitarian.

You will find the statement on the Comber site is almost completely undogmatic, and leaves matters of faith to the individual.

Welcome to The Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland


Seeker of Knowledge
I consider myself to be a Unitarian Christian. 99% of my beliefs would probably be the same as those of a UU, but for family, tradition, and cultural identity purposes I prefer to express my beliefs in a more broadly Christian context. For this reason, I call myself a Unitarian Christian and Universalist, but not a Unitarian Universalist, even though for the most part I would consider a UU "one of my own" (not that I exclude all others or anything).

You might like to check out unitarian.org.uk
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